City Administrator

Batavia is a fabulous place in which to live, visit or do business, and we cherish the values which have arisen from being a small, riverside town, and work to apply them to life in these bustling times of growth and development.

-- Laura Newman, City Administrator, Batavia

The City Administrator for the City of Batavia is responsible for managing economic growth and development of a municipality undergoing continual growth and change. This leadership includes collaboration with a 15-member City Council overseeing a $134M budget and workforce of more than 400 employees.

Laura Newman has been the City Administrator since 2016.  In this role she has facilitated the development of long and short term policies by the Mayor and City Council, and has assisted the City staff in implementing those policies in a manner which is mindful on the impact of our citizens, financially and otherwise. 

Newman has welcomed and collaborated with businesses new and old, large and small to diversify the city's mix of commercial, industrial and retail businesses. These are necessary challenges that require vision toward transitioning a community engaged in a long arc of change since its original establishment in 1833.