Batavia Details

 All sections have individual lists under the subheading. All details are in PDF format.
Detail Description Standard No.
Index of Details Index
Inlet Type A 4.01 STM_INL
Storm Sewer Manhole-Type A or B 4.02 STM_MH
Flared End Section A 4.03 STM_FES
Flared End Section B 4.04 STM_FES2
Storm Manhole Lid 4.05 STM_MH LID
Catch Basin-Type A or B 4.06 STM_CB TYPE A OR B
Dry Well Structure 4.07 DRYWELL
Pipe Underdrain 4.08 STM_UD
Restrictor Manhole 4.09 STM_RMH
Sump Pump Connection 4.10 STM_SUMP
Detention Basin Overflow Swale 4.11 STM_SWALE
Detention Basin Overflow & Overflow Route 4.12 STM_OVERFLOW 
Inlet Filter-Flex Storm Detail 4.13 COB_FLEX
Inlet Filter Maintenance-Flex Storm O&M 4.14 COB_FLEW O&M
Detail Description Standard No.
Index of Details Index 
Sanitary Sewer Manhole 5.01 SAN_MH 
External Chimney Seal
5.02 SAN_CHM 
Sanitary Sewer Service & Service Riser 5.03 SAN_RSR 
Sanitary Manhole Lid 5.04 SAN_MH LID
Drop Manhole-New Construction 5.05 SAN_DROP NEW
Drop Manhole-Existing 5.06 SAN_DROP EX
Connection to Existing Manhole 5.07 SAN_COUPL
Utility Trench Detail 5.08 SAN_UTIL TRENCH
Sanitary Service Abandonment 5.09 SAN_ABAND
Detail Description Standard No.
Index of Details Index
Water Valve Vault 6.01 WM_VV
Water Service 6.02 WM_SERV
Fire Hydrant 6.03 WM_FH
Water Manhole Lid 6.04 WM_MH LID
Water & Sewer Separation 6.05 WM_SS_SEP
Water Main Crossing 6.06 WM_CROSS
Pressure Connection Vault 6.07 WM_PC
Casing Pipe Details 6.08 WM CAS
Restrained Joint Tables 6.09 WM_REST
Thrust Block 6.10 WM_TB
Water & Sewer Service Separation 6.11 WM_SS_SEP2
Water Service Abandonment 6.12 WM_SER_ABAN
Detail Description Standard No.
Index of Details Index
Curb Removal & Replacement At Inlets 7.01 ST_INLR
Commercial Right IN/Right OUT 7.02 ST_RIRO
B6.12 Barrier Curb & Gutter at Curb Inlets 7.03 ST_BCG B612
B6.12 Barrier Curb & Gutter 7.04 ST_BCG B612 INL
M3.12 Mountable Curb & Gutter 7.05 ST_MCG M312
Type B Barrier Curb 7.06 ST_TYPE B CURB
Curb Replacement 7.07 ST_CURB REPL
Sidewalk/Sidewalk Replacement
Sidewalk Construction 7.09 ST_SW CONS
Sidewalk Curb Ramps 7.10 ST_CURB RMP
Crosswalk 7.11 ST_CROSS
Accessible Parking Space Markings 7.12 ST_ACC PRK
Typical Pavement Details 7.13 ST_PV
Utility Trench Paving Section-PCC 7.14 ST UT PCC
Utility Trench Paving Section-HMA 7.15 ST_UT
Driveway Commercial Replacement 7.16 DW_COM
Driveway Residential Approach 7.17 DW_RES