Commercial Utility Rates

  1. Electrical - Commercial

    Find out more information about no demand and demand rates for electric utilities.

  2. Electrical - Large General Service

    View information regarding large electric general service with demand rate under 50 million kilowatts.

  3. Electric Tax & Franchise Fee

    The State of Illinois requires the City of Batavia to collect an Electric Excise Tax

  4. Purchased Power Adjustment Factor

    Effective for all bills issued on and after May 1, 2014, the charges to all customers for each kilowatt hour (kwh) supplied under all rates except for market rates and those with a separate contract shall be adjusted by a Purchased Power Adjustment Factor (PPAF) to reflect the actual changes in the cost of purchased power.

  5. Water

    View information about water rates, utility tax, conservation, and lawn sprinkling restrictions.

  6. Wastewater/Sewer Rates

    Find information regarding wastewater and sewer rates.