Boards & Commissions

Commission members are appointed by the Mayor with advise and consent of the City Council. View any of the links for more information regarding one of the commissions.
  1. Advisory Committees

    The City may form an advisory committee to help gather input from the community and allow residents to participate in long-term planning projects.

  2. Bicycle Commission

    The Batavia Bicycle Commission was created to act as an advocate to the city government in developing legislation that supports bicycling and participates in other activities as they relate to bicycling and pedestrian related issues in the City of Batavia. Click to open the Biking Batavia site.

  3. Board of Fire & Police Commissioners

    Find more information on the Commissioners of the Board of Fire & Police.

  4. City Services Committee

    Find agendas and minutes from the City Services Committee.

  5. Community Development

    Access agendas and minutes from the Community Development Committee.

  6. Environmental Commission

    The mission of the Batavia Environmental Commission is to fulfill the role of environmental advisor, educator and motivator to City Government and the community at large.

  7. Government Services

    Read through agendas and minutes from the Government Services committee.

  8. Historic Preservation Commission

    The Batavia Historic Preservation Commission was created to help protect the historic areas and structures in the City.

  9. Plan Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Plan Commission is a 9 member appointed body consisting of resident volunteers. The Commission oversees the preparation and implementation of the City’s comprehensive plan, the drafting of the zoning code, subdivision regulations and various other ordinances and plans.

  10. Police Pension Board

    The purpose of the Pension Board is to govern the investments of the 43 full-time officers of the Batavia Police Department.

  11. Township & Countryside Fire Protection District

    Find meeting details and meeting minutes from the Fire Protection District regular meetings.

  12. Tree Commission

    The Tree Commission shall advise and consult the City Services Committee on any matter pertaining to Ordinance 13-22 and its enforcement.