Mahoney Creek Stream Restoration

Project Description & Location
Mahoney Creek is an intermittent stream on the east side of the City that is a tributary of the Fox River and has a tributary as well. The creek begins just southeast of the intersection of Kirk Road and Fabyan Parkway, the tributary also starts on the east side of Kirk and flows west to Raddant and Cleveland where it joins the creek and flows generally southwest to its confluence with the Fox River just south of downtown Batavia. The purpose of this project is to restore and provide shore stabilization for Mahoney Creek. The creek currently has 9 crossings, 1 is unincorporated and there is the removal of the Shannahan Grove Park culvert structure. The tributary has 4 crossings plus the overflow structure in Michael Wild Park. All locations need at least one of the following: brush clearing, grading, slope stabilization and culvert repair/replacement. Grant money is being sought to help reduce the cost of the improvements.

These improvements are currently being planned over the course of 4-5 years depending on budget and scheduling and subject to change.

Project Schedule
The current project schedule is as follows:
Note: Years were modified after bidding Cleveland & Raddant. Modified dates are bold and not reflected in the CIP Budget Sheet)

Location Crossing with Creek
Description Year
Cleveland Brush clearing and grading
Raddant Brush clearing and grading
Woodland Hills Road
Brush clearing and grading
Between Woodland Hills Road and Meadowrue
Grading and restoring
Violet Brush clearing and grading
Michael Wild Park
Brush clearing and grading
Wilson Street
Brush clearing and grading
Shannahan Grove Park
Remove structure and regrade

Capital Improvement Project Budget
For more information, please view the
Some years have been modified due to funding at this time.  ? denotes a tentative schedule since funding has not been secured for all projects at this time.  

Mahoney Creek Stream-Bank Stabilization

This project was completed in 2014 and had ecological maintenance completed in 2015.  The City will be going out for a maintenance bid in mid-May for ongoing maintenance of the natural areas near the culverts.