You Should Know...

The City of Batavia establishes ordinances designed to protect the quality of life for its citizens. Some ordinances which could directly effect you are listed here. Also listed are a few State of Illinois laws which you should also be aware of. Please contact the Batavia Police Department at 630-454-2500 if you have any questions or concerns.

Important Telephone Numbers
  • Batavia Chamber of Commerce: 630-879-7134
  • Batavia Government Center (City Hall): 630-454-2000
  • Batavia Park District: 630-879-5235
  • Batavia Police Department: 630-454-2500
  • Batavia Teen Center: 630-761-1664
  • Batavia Township Offices: 630-879-1323
  • Kane County Judicial Center: 630-232-3400
  • Kane County Sheriff’s Office: 630-232-6840
  • Kane County State’s Attorney: 630-232-3500
  • Secretary of State – Aurora: 630-896-1911
  • Secretary of State – Elgin: 847-697-2100 
  • Voter Registration: 630-232-5990
  1. Bicycles & Skateboards

    Peruse bicycle and skateboard rules in Batavia.

  2. Electronic Communication Devices

    In addition to the ban on hand held devices, Illinois prohibits texting while driving.

  3. False Alarms

    Find out more about false alarm fees in Batavia.

  4. Laws Pertaining to School Zones

    Read through the following laws that pertain to school zones.

  5. Parades, Processions & More

    You will need to fill out a permit if you are wanting to hold an open air demonstration or parade / procession.

  6. Parking Regulations

    Check out the times when you can park without penalty in Batavia.

  7. Solicitors

    Residential solicitation in the City of Batavia is authorized by permit only.

  8. Water Conservation Regulations

    The City of Batavia has water conservation regulations in order to ensure that there is a continuous adequate water supply for drinking, bathing and fire protection.