Property Tax

The following is a typical 2015 total tax bill (paid in 2016) for property in the City of Batavia. If your property is in a special service area (SSA), you may pay additional taxes. Property that is in a tax increment finance district (TIF) is not subject to additional tax but the distribution of the tax goes to the City of Batavia for a defined period of time to help pay for redevelopment. The portion of property tax that is paid to the City of Batavia is the same regardless of your property location; however, property within the City may be in different school, library, park or township districts. The example below represents the largest portion of taxpayers in the City.

Township Information
For more information please go to the appropriate township website - Batavia Township or Geneva Township for assessment information or to Kane County Treasurer for tax bill or payment information or to Kane County Assessor for further assessment information.
Taxing Entity
Rate % of Total
City of Batavia
0.695527 7.24%
Kane County and Forest Preserve
0.742238 7.72%
Batavia Township and Road District
0.148256 1.54%
Batavia Schools
6.404197 66.64%
Waubonsee College
0.587468 6.11%
Batavia Park District
0.570712 5.94%
Batavia Library
0.461813 4.81%
Typical Total for 2015
9.610211 100%