Safe Routes to School-IL Prairie Path

Current Status

The installation of the solar crosswalk units took place in December 2015. Please use caution after pressing the button to activate the flashing beacons. Although when the button is pushed it prompts the motorists to yield to the crossing pedestrian/bicyclist, they may not see either the pedestrian/bicyclist or flashing light immediately. Cross the street safely when the vehicles have come to a complete stop

Project Purpose

Provide safe routes for children to walk or ride to school as part of the Batavia Bicycle Plan and Safe Routes to school evaluations.

Project Background

The City of Batavia and Batavia School District analyzed walking and biking routes for students attending all district schools. The Illinois Prairie Path crossings at Hart Road, Raddant Road and Wagner Road (Larkspur Lane) were identified as three key routes for children to walk or ride to school. The City applied for a Safe Routes to School Grant and were awarded funding for this project.

Construction Impacts

This project will install solar push-button activated flashing crosswalk units. There will be 2 signs located at each crossing, one in the northbound direction and one in the southbound direction. There will be a push button that needs to be pressed by the pedestrian to activate the rapid flashing beacons to make drivers aware and stop because of pedestrians in the crosswalk.

The installation itself should take less than 2 days for the entire project. During the installation, the contractor may need to temporarily close one lane of traffic and have a flagger directing traffic through the construction area. No other impacts are anticipated.

Project Funding

This project has received Safe Routes to School funding in the amount of 100%. The contract was awarded by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in July 2015.

Project Plans
View the Project Plans (PDF).

Contact Information

For concerns or questions, please email Andrea Podraza or call 630-454-2757.