Area 2 & 3

Project Purpose 
The purpose of this project is to start analyzing the combined sanitary and storm sewer system and start separating the storm sewer out.  The area numbers are reference to the Trotter Study that was completed in 2008 for separating the combines system.  These improvements will aim to provide adequate pipe capacity per today’s design standards that will reduce and eliminate water back up while increasing the ability of the water to flow through the storm system.
They City has hired Rempe-Sharpe to complete a study of the areas, propose a list of improvements to alleviate the ponding and drainage concerns for Area 3 and prepare final engineering drawings for Area 2 to separate the sewer late in 2016.  Rempe-Sharpe will make a presentation to the Committee of the Whole with all their findings and recommendations. The presentation was September 13th at a 7:30 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Final Presentation

Final Report

Project Background
During the June 2016 rain event areas 2 & 3 bounded by Elm Street, from Jefferson to Rt. 31 on the north for Area 2, and  bound by Union Street to the north, the old railroad tracks to the west, Garfield to the south and Rt. 31 for area 3 experienced storm water back-up that resulted in water filling numerous streets, yards, and occasional houses. Since this area is combined with both storm and sanitary sewage the back-ups came up through floor drains and were deemed sanitary back-ups.  The City would like to alleviate these back-ups and design a storm sewer system able to handle at least the 10-year event as a standalone system, which is current design practices for new development.  As the storm sewer is separated from the combined system, the combined sewer will eventually become just a sanitary sewer. 

Construction Impacts
Rempe-Sharpe will be preparing final engineering plans for Elm Street with anticipation of fall/winter 2016 construction.  This construction will affect the western portion of Elm Street between Rt. 31 & Jefferson.   Once the final design is completed for area 2 the City can better prepare for any disturbance in the streets and residents property in order to install the storm sewer.  More specific details will become available as scope of work is determined and preliminary plans have been provided for area 3.

Project Location 
Please see the City’s Capital Improvement Map for limits of the Area 2 & 3 Drainage Study.

Project Funding 
This project is funded through the City Council’s budget allocated to alleviating drainage issues throughout the city.

Contact Information
If you have any questions about the project please email Andrea Podraza or call 

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