Found Property

The Batavia Police Department maintains a listing of found property with no owner identification.  If you believe an item may belong to you, you will need to contact the Batavia Police Department at (630) 454-2500 and ask to speak with the Evidence Custodian.  You may be required to provide additional information to determine ownership.

These items are retained for approximately six months per Illinois statute 765 ILCS 1030.  If unclaimed after six months, the item (if applicable) is donated or sent to, an online auction site open for bidding to the general public.  They auction all abandoned, stolen, lawfully seized, or unclaimed property of every kind from law enforcement agencies nationwide.  The website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Unclaimed monies are deposited into the City of Batavia general fund.

Is it yours?

If you believe one of these items belongs to you, call our Evidence Custodian at (630) 454-2500.

Case Number Date Recovered Item Location Found
22-9513 08/24/2022 Kent Bicycle, black 1900 Blk. McKee St.
22-9933 09/02/2022 Hyper Havoc FS Bicycle McKee/Van Nortwick
22-10300 09/13/2022 Schwinn Bicycle 1000 blk. W Wilson St.
22-10322 09/13/2022 Dynacraft Bicycle 1000 blk. Morton St.
22-10679 09/21/2022 Nichiki Bicycle 200 N. Island Ave
22-10731 09/22/2022 Pacific Bicycle 200 blk. N. Prairie St.
22-11212 10/03/2022 Wallet 100 N. Island Ave.
22-11216 10/03/2022 Ear Buds 100 blk Illinois Ave.
22-11971 10/21/2022 KHS & Shoglin Bicycle 1200 Blk Main St.
22-12468 11/02/2022 Razor Scooter 100 Blk. Western Ave.
22-12679 11/07/2022 Black Huffy Bike 400 Blk. Latham 
22-13700 12/04/2022 Magna Bike Lathem/River St.
23-01241 02/21/2023 KEYS 100 N. Island Ave.
23-02617 03/01/2023 Huffy Bicycle 300 Blk. Locust St.