Draft Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Regulations

Proposed Text Amendment Information for Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries 

The Batavia City Council placed an advisory referendum on the November 3rd general election ballot seeking to determine the level of support for such a use within the city of Batavia. The referendum question was posed as:

Shall the City of Batavia allow the sale of recreational adult-use cannabis within its jurisdiction, subject to statutorily permissible restrictions?

9,853 (63.05) of voters selected “Yes” to 5,774 (36.95) who selected “No”. 81.49% of registered voters in Batavia cast a vote on this ballot item.

On November 10th, the City Council's Committee of the Whole gave direction to City Staff to begin work on a Zoning Code Text Amendment, with the intention of scheduling it for a Public Hearing on December 16, 2020.  

The Plan Commission opened the Hearing on December 16th.  During their review, they requested additional information in order to consider their recommendation.  The Public Hearing was continued to January 20, 2021.   

At the January 20, 2021 meeting, the Plan Commission made a recommendation to the Committee of the Whole, removing any buffer from residential zoning, and placing a setback from certain uses.  The recommendation will be reviewed by the Committee of the Whole at their February 9th meeting.  

This page will be updated on the progress of the review process for these items.

 Legal Notice

Staff Report and Proposed Draft Text Amendments