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Committee of the Whole Agenda
Tuesday, July 13, 2021
7:00 PM  Council Chambers 1st Floor

Hybrid Meeting

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Roll Call


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Items Removed/Added/Changed


Matters from the Public (For Items NOT on Agenda)


Consent Agenda

(The consent agenda is made up of items recommended by city staff that require recommendation to the full City Council by the Cow. This agenda is placed as a separate item of the COW agenda. The items on the consent agenda are usually minor items, already budgeted, standard non-policy activities or outgrowths of earlier meetings and are voted on as a “package” in the interest of saving time on non-controversial issues. However, any council member may, by simple request, have an item removed and placed on the “regular” agenda.).

a.  Resolution 21-072-R: Authorizing Execution of a Contract With M/M Peters Construction, Inc.

     for 2021 Public Works Garage Sewer Line Replacement (SH 6/29/21)


Discussion: Resurfacing and Future Maintenance of the Public Parking Lot Located on S. Batavia Avenue Between First Street and Main Street


Ordinance 21-33: Annexing 2S525 S Raddant Road (Involuntary)(SCB 6/23/21) CD


Resolution 21-073-R: Executing a Lease for an Outdoor Restaurant Seating Area at 11 N. Batavia Avenue (Bocadito’s Café, Inc.) (SCB 7/2/21) CD


Resolution 21-076-R: Authorizing Purchase of an 80 Niche Combination Columbaria from American Wilbert Vault Corp. for an amount not-to-exceed $60,000.00 (GH) CS


Resolution 21-077-R: Approve an Agreement w/Dahme Mechanical Industry for the Emergency Repair of the Cherry Park Lift Station (GH) CS


Resolution 21-075-R: Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Authorization (HC 7/8/21) GS


Resolution 21-078-R: Approving a Change Order to the contract with Electric Conduit Construction to build a Fiber Hut/Critical Infrastructure Communication Node Shelter at Paramount Substation for an amount not to exceed $26,699.99 (RB 7/9/21) PU


Project Status