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May 26

Rainbow photo captures magical Batavia moment

Posted on May 26, 2017 at 4:36 PM by Christopher Cudworth

City of Batavia Rainbow

The recent heavy storm that passed through Batavia resulted in perfect conditions for a rainbow, with low sun in the west and dark clouds in the east. As twilight approached, several Batavia photographers responded to the sight of a double rainbow appearing over the east end of the city.

Tornado shotOne Batavia resident is used to chasing storms all across the Midwest. In fact Lorraine Matti's photograph of a Great Plains tornado was featured in both the National Geographic magazine and a book.

When she saw the afternoon sky near Batavia turning into colorful twilight, she fetched her camera to capture what she hoped would be a beautiful sunset. That's when a double rainbow appeared to the east of the city. Lorraine rushed to the Donovan bridge and composed her photos with the bulldog mounted on the bridge. She kept shooting as the light intensified.

Unable to capture the entire double rainbow in a single frame, she used her photographic experience to take photos in a panoramic sequence to be linked together in Photoshop. The result is one of the most stunningly beautiful images ever captured of downtown Batavia.

We asked Batavian Lorraine Matti to explain a bit more about the photo and her work as a photographer in hopes that it can provide others some insight on how to capture great photos as well.

How did you manage to know that a rainbow might be coming that evening, and how did you get such great timing?

I was actually planning to shoot the sunset. It looked like conditions would be right for that. As I was leaving the house I saw the rainbow and went to the bridge as fast as I could. It was awesome capturing that event as it unfolded.  

What experiences have you had that with photographing other storms?Lorraine Matti

I have been chasing and photographing storms since 2011. One of my tornado shots was featured in National Geographic. The tornado was in Rozel, Kansas May 18th, 2013. I chase storms here locally also and I saw the Fairdale tornado too. 

What do you most like about the image(s) that you captured that evening?

 I love the colors. My photographs are all full of color. I love that it includes our high school mascot, the bulldog in the Bulldogs Unleashed sculpture. I enjoyed seeing everyone stop and get excited about the rainbow. It was really fun to be “in the moment.”  

Were there any filters or special effects used to capture that image?

No filters were used. I never use filters, I just hand edit. No special effects for this shot. It was a panoramic of about 8 photos stitched together so I can get a wider shot. 

If you were to caption that image, what do you think it should say?

I'm horrible at captions (laughs). Um? Batavia Pride?

What other types of images do you typically photograph?

I also photograph hawks, eagles and owls, weddings in natural places, and fairy tale fine art children's portraiture (CapturedbyLorraine.com)

Lorraine has graciously allowed the City of Batavia to post her rainbow photo on the city’s website. We’d like to see more examples showing off Batavia’s best side. If you have a photo of Batavia you'd like to share. Send to ccudworth@cityofbatavia.net




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