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Jun 15

A Batavia bike story with a very happy ending

Posted on June 15, 2017 at 10:44 AM by Christopher Cudworth

LesureThe Batavia Bicycle Commission has through its associations delivered more than 300 bikes free of charge to people in the community that have expressed need of a bicycle for transportation or the simple joy of riding. 

Recently a bike was delivered to a Batavia resident, Melinda Lesure (in pink at right), whose aunt Veronica Giles explains," For the last six months she has been asking about getting a bike. Every time she see's someone riding, she asks me, "When can I get a bike?"

Lesure is planning to brush up on her riding skills. As a person with a type of autism, she sometimes has trouble with balance. But she's determined to improve. 

Giles has been through challenges herself related to breast cancer the last year. That meant there wasn't extra money to pay for a bike. Word of the situation came through to Batavia's Joanne Spitz, a member of the Batavia Bike Commission, which directs the Bikes for Batavia program.

Spitz swung into action and soon there was a bike being repaired and prepared by All Spoked Up, the Batavia bike shop whose owners and managers believe strongly in giving back to the community. 

"She's never had a bike," says Veronica Giles. "She's very excited about this." 

If you see Melinda Lesure riding her new bike, be sure to give a wave. She'll m


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