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Jul 14

Fox River Cleanup in Batavia a clear success

Posted on July 14, 2017 at 11:22 AM by Christopher Cudworth

More than 25 Batavia volunteers gathered at the Skate Park on Saturday, July 8 to collaborate with Friends of the Fox River to clean up the shoreline of the Fox River. FOFR director Gary Swick encouraged safety and caution during the cleanup effort, as currents are swift in the Fox due to recent rains. 

Gary SwickThen crews of two or three people, many in family groups, moved up the Fox toward downtown using tongs to pick up wrappers, plastic and other debris. Most notably, there was also a child's blanket and a soggy old fisherman's shirt. 

But one volunteer who is an avid fisherman noted that the shoreline was relatively free of fishing line and debris. "As a fisherman, I'm impressed!" 

The Friends of the Fox River is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving water quality and environmental health. The organization is seeking volunteers interested in collecting water quality data and contributing skills and interests to the betterment of the Fox River resource. 

Our documentary of the day features Batavia families having fun and feeling good about keeping the Fox River clean.

Contact the organization at (815) 356-6605
P.O. Box 5634 Elgin, Illinois 60121
Phone (815) 356-6605
Fax (815) 377-3616


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