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No community operates in a void. That's why documenting regional economic and environmental activity is key to understanding Batavia's position in the greater Chicago area. The Batavia Plus Regional blog will interview community leaders, organizations and companies that impact the lives of Batavians.  

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Sep 15

Comprehensive information on Campana project

Posted on September 15, 2017 at 4:48 PM by Christopher Cudworth

For those seeking information on the proposed Campana building redevelopment, the City of Batavia has gathered all communications, documents, staff reports and documents submitted by the public related to this project. The links to the appropriate pages on the City of Batavia website are as follows: 

Documents submitted by public:

Agendas and staff reports: 

8/2/17 Agenda:

8/2/17 Staff Report:

8/16/17 Agenda:

8/16/17 Staff Report:

8/30/17 Agenda:

8/30/17 Staff Report:

9/6/17 Agenda:

9/6/17 Staff Report:


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