Committee of the Whole approves Campana 9-5

The project now moves to the City Council meeting October 16
At the October 10 Committee of the Whole meeting, the Committee approved by a vote of 9-5 to recommend approval to the City Council  Ordinance 17-59: Amendment To The Zoning Map For A Planned Development Overlay District, and Resolution 17-103-R: Preliminary/Final Plat Of Subdivision, Campana Property, 901 North Batavia Avenue, Evergreen Real Estate Group, Applicant, with the following modifications to the Ordinance originally recommended by staff:

  1. In Condition #6, removal of the words “where feasible” from the condition requiring the developer to provide transportation to school aged children to special school events.
  2. In Condition #7, to require the developer to put $25,000 in escrow for the construction of a sidewalk to Allen Drive in the event that is approved. If not used within ten years of being placed in escrow, the money in escrow would be returned to the developer.
  3. Added Condition #22, requiring the developer to build additional drainage that would be needed in the event that the land banked parking is constructed in the future.

This matter will be heard by City Council at their next scheduled meeting on October 16, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall in City Council Chambers.


View the 10/10/2017 Campana Redevelopment Committee of the Whole meeting at

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Fall leaves three
Fall leaves too

Why and how you should mulch your leaves this fall

Mulching leaves fertilizes your lawn. Suppresses weeds. Saves work. Here's the how and why...

Mulching leaves is a great way to dispose of them.  You can reduce a pile of leaves to about one-tenth of its volume by mulching.  

A study by Michigan State University indicates that mulching is also beneficial for the lawn. Mulched leaves are decomposed by earthworms and microorganisms and turned into plant-usable organic matter.  Mulched leaves even appear to inhibit the growth of weeds such as dandelions and crabgrass.
Michigan State University studies show that up to six inches of leaves can be mulched at one time, depending on the type of mower you have. 

  • Use an aggressive, high-lift mulching blade.  A standard lawn-mowing blade isn’t adequate for mulching leaves. 
  • Mow in stripes so that you cut the discharged stripe from the previous pass. You can also mow outward or inward in concentric circles so that you cut and recut the particles.
  • Do not mulch to the point where the leaves cover and smother the grass. The grass blades should be vertical and visible through the layer of mulched leaves. 
  • Spread the mulch around from thick spots to areas with sparser mulch distribution.

The lawn is only one area that can benefit from mulched leaf material.  If there is an overwhelming abundance of leaves, use some in flower beds, gardens, or a compost pile. The overall goal should be reducing raking and decreasing or eliminating the need to dispose of leaves off-site.

Additional Resources:
The Spruce – Mulch Your Leaves
Popular Mechanics – How to Mulch Your Leaves
Michigan State University Study
The Day – Forget the Rake
Washington Post – Stop Raking Your Leaves

Mulching leaves

Creating and working with quantities of mulched leaf material

Mulched leaves make a wonderful material for building soil when mixed with dirt. If you want to create a semi-raised garden in a shaded area of your lawn, for example, finely mulched leaves (preferably below 1" in size) can be gathered and distributed in the area you plan to convert from lawn to shade garden. 

Distribute mulched leaves in layers of 3-4". Place a consistent layer of decent quality soil over the top, approximately 2"-4" thick, and leave for the winter. Come spring, mix the soil and leaves lightly, then add an additional soil layer. Build total layer of soil to 4-6".

he decomposing leaves can be accented with wood ash from a fire pit and compostable vegetable materials can be distributed as well. Continue mixing topsoil and when planting season arrives and there is no risk of frost, the first season of hostas, perennials, annuals or groundcovers can be placed in the raised bed. Go light at first, and use hardier species until the area becomes more established. 

It is easy to surround such a garden with simple limestone margins as can be found at the Batavia quarry location on Route 25 south of downtown. The natural look is easy to maintain with weed whipper to avoid having to mow close to the stones. 

The process can be repeated yearly as soil settles. Start a composting bin and that material can be mixed across the surface and into the soil all summer long. 

Leaf collection

Leaf Collection Starts in October 

The first leaf collection of the season for eastside residents will begin on Monday, October 16; the westside leaf collection begins on Monday, October 23.  For additional details about the program, including the 2017 schedule, please visit the Leaf Collection information page or call 630-454-2400.  Once the collection is underway, we will be posting daily maps showing our progress.

Residents are asked to refrain from raking leaves into the street.  With rain in the forecast over the next few days, it will be important to keep leaves out of the storm sewers to prevent flooded streets.  We appreciate your cooperation.  

Batavia Residential Brush Collection Schedule for October

The eastside brush collection was completed this week; westside brush collection begins the week of Monday, October 16.  Please be sure to have your brush out no later than 7 a.m. on Monday of your scheduled week.  Residents are asked to store their brush outside the parkway until the weekend before the scheduled pickup.  The remaining 2017 schedule and information about how to prepare your brush can be found on the Brush Collection information page.  If you have any questions, please call the Street Division at 630-454-2400. 

Abby Beck
One of the organizers Abby Beck coordinates the walking tour of parents and grandparents with strollers as Batavians surveyed the walkability of the downtown area. 
A look back

Batavia groups collaborate on AARP Community mobility survey

Walkability, bike-friendly amenities survey in town
BATAVIA, IL - Batavia MainStreet, Batavia Environmental Commission, Batavia Bicycle Commission and the WellBatavia Initiative recruited residents from Batavia to spend a day studying how the city's sidewalks, bike trails, streets and alleys work together in providing accessibility to all ages of residents. 

The survey involved "auditors" who led small groups of residents that included seniors, moms and dads with strollers, business owners and city officials in multi-pronged travels through the City of Batavia. 

The groups were awarded a grant from the AARP Community Challenge after community organizers and Batavia Environmental Commission member Abby Beck responded to a grant request. A full film and photography crew arrived to produce a mini-documentary on downtown Batavia’s bike and walkability.  

Given the numerous economic, environmental and social benefits of bringing walkers and bikers to our streets, it is a natural collaborative fit for these community groups.   
The project was inspired by traditional walk audits, a common tool for assessing a city’s walking conditions. An audit typically measures things like connectivity of sidewalks, pedestrian infrastructure at intersections, attractive mix-used destinations, and general safety.


Loading bikes on the Pace bus

The auditors also biked and met up with a PACE bus to practice loading bikes on the front of the vehicle."It's so easy!" one of the auditors noted. The PACE representative noted that people often take the bus to communities farther up the bike trail and ride back home. 
“Our mission is to increase walking and biking downtown Batavia.  This video will be a tool for showcasing some of our most beautiful blocks and some interesting routes off the beaten path. We will also highlight opportunities for improvement - places where the city or property owners could make simple updates to make walking and biking more feasible for every mobility level,” says project team member and Batavia Environmental Commission representative, Abby Beck. 

AARP awarded grants to 88 winners in all 50 states and the District of Columbia for its first-ever AARP Community Challenge, investing nearly $780,000 to create change and improve quality of life for people of all ages in communities across the nation.  AARP received almost 1,200 applications for Community Challenge funds, resulting in a highly competitive selection process.
The walking tour is scheduled to take place mid-October and the documentary, produced by Both/And Pictures of Batavia, will be complete by the AARP deadline of November 1.

Logos for city batavia

Batavia Park District invites residents to complete community-wide survey

Batavia, IL- The Batavia Park District is conducting a community-wide survey to better understand resident’s opinions about its parks, facilities, and programs. The District has selected aQity Research & Insights (an independent research firm) to conduct the survey and they are due to be mailed in early October.

Although certain individuals may not live in Batavia, your residence may be a part of the Batavia Park District boundaries.

Whether you frequently use or never use the District parks, facilities, or programs, your opinions are very important and will help the Park District understand how to better serve the community.

The District needs your help to address the critical issues within the community - what you think are the priorities and what should be the new vision. Your attitudes, interests, needs, and opinions will create a new vision and provide the Park Board and staff with a focused direction in the coming years.

The Park District encourages residents to participate in the opportunity so your voice can be heard. The survey will only take 10-15 minutes to conduct and residents will have the option to respond in three ways: by mail, online, or by phone. All answers are confidential and will be grouped with all responses.
If you have questions, need more information, or have technical issues upon receiving the survey, please contact aQity Research at 847-424-4171, ext. 231. 

Bulldogs Unleashed
Bulldogs unleased
Photo of Batavia Bulldogs Unleashed by Lorraine Mahoney

An early litter of Bulldog Puppies 

Bulldogs Unleashed Expecting Christmas Puppies
Batavia, Illinois: The Bulldogs Unleashed popular painted statues are expecting puppies just in time for Christmas adoption.  A 30-day public adoption campaign for 8” tall puppies (statues) kicks off on September 15, 2017 and ends at midnight on October 15, 2017. Partners Batavia Library Foundation, the Batavia Foundation for Educational Excellence, and the Batavia Parks Foundation are excited to provide this opportunity for the community to adopt (purchase) their own souvenir size bulldog puppy.  Puppies are now available for order online at or until the litter is all adopted.
Event chairman, Steven McKenna remarks, “Everyone loves puppies, so the committee thought this would be a great new addition to the Bulldogs Unleashed family.” McKenna reminds Batavians that this adoption campaign is just 30 days long. “Families who want a puppy in time for Christmas need to order by October 15, 2017.”  The fee to provide a forever home to an 8” tall x 12” long bulldog is $75 (white/unpainted) and $95 (Crimson, gold or black).  A reminder that all proceeds from the puppy adoption fees is shared equally by the three partner non-profits. Batavia Bulldog puppy pick up date/s and location/s will be posted on the Bulldogs Unleashed website and sent to families who adopt them after November 15.
All puppy owners are invited to decorate or paint their pup and enter it in the Windmill City Fest “Parade of Puppies,” where the decorated puppies are on display during the July festival, eligible to win “Best of Show” and “People’s Choice” awards.  Pair your puppy gift with a painting class and you’ve got two items checked off your Christmas list. A puppy painting class by community partner, Water Street Studios and is being scheduled for early 2018 with details coming soon. 


Kane County Recycling Event
When:    Saturday, October 14, 2017; 8 am-12 noon 

Where:  540 S. Randall Road, St. Charles, IL 60174 
What: Electronics & Books
NO Shredding at this event (next shred event is 11/11)

TVs and Monitors cost $25 (under 21" measured diagonally across the screen) or $35 (21" and over). Pay online in advance HERE or pay at event with cash or card only. 
All other items are free to drop off.

Books (hard and soft covers, any age, any condition, free of cost) are accepted at all scheduled collection events.


  • Upcoming Events:
  • Nov. 11 - electronics, books, shredpaint
  • No event December 2017

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