City leaf collection
Leaf collection

Batavia Leaf Collection

City crews completed a fourth citywide leaf collection the week of November 27.   Residents with any remaining leaves can mulch them or place them in brown paper yard waste bags (no cans or plastic bags will be collected) and put the bags out on their refuse collection day without a sticker during December.  If bags are used, please keep the bags as dry as possible until they are put at the curb.  Loose leaf piles that are left at the curb can cause issues with storm sewers and snow plowing, so residents are asked to dispose of them properly.  

The Advanced Disposal collection of yard waste in bags/cans (with sticker) or in prepaid yard waste carts ended this week for the season.  Please see LEAF COLLECTION instructions above for leaf disposal.  Yard waste collection will resume in April, 2018. 
The citywide brush collection by our contractor was completed this week.  Any additional brush that residents may accumulate during the winter months should be stored outside the parkway until the brush collection season resumes in May, 2018.   

If you have any questions, please call 630-454-2400

Starting on 12/3/17, the City of Batavia website will
undergo a security upgrade. There will be enhanced login procedures to make our website more secure and better protect your personal information.  

This change will affect the account you use to manage your subscriptions to notifications from the website, and our Utility Billing Online service.

If your password does not meet the criteria below when you log on, you will be prompted to log in with an email address and reset your password.

When you reset your password, you will receive a validation email from You will follow email prompts to set or reset your own password.  We recommend being proactive and updating your information prior to Dec 3rd.   Please be aware that the validation e-mail is not spam.

New Passwords Must:

  • Not match the four most recently used passwords
  • Contain characters from three of the following categories:
    • 1. Uppercase letters
    • 2. Lowercase letters
    • 3. Numbers
    • 4. Special characters (for example: !, $, #, %)
  • Be at least eight characters long

Additionally, passwords must be changed every 90 days going forward.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Howard Chason | City of Batavia
Information Systems Director


Batavia Access Toy Drive December 10. Here's how it works

The Batavia Access Toy Drive has a wonderful history in our community, dating back more than sixty years. Resident Roy Bailey coordinates the drive, and toy donations can be made by bringing unwrapped toys or gifts for kids 0-16 to the following businesses: Pal Joey's, Funway, Karl and Sons. You can also deliver toys to the Batavia Library and both East Side and West Side Batavia Fire Department buildings. 

Gift cards, cash or checks can be delivered to the Batavia Police Department, 100 N. Island, with checks made out to Batavia Access Toys. 

The City of Batavia will be collecting toys for the Batavia Access Toy Drive at our City Council meeting on Monday night, November 20. People can drop off an unwrapped toy in City Council Chambers anytime that day or if they would like to make a cash, check or gift card donation they can do that anytime at the Batavia Police Department.

Com Ed Tree
ComEd postcard

Com Ed crews scheduled to work in Batavia

ComEd intends to perform vegetation management activitieson distribution circuits in Batavia with the next few months. These activities ensure system electrical reliability. A ComEd postcard outlining the program is delivered by regular mail to residents in Batavia.

Metronet sign

MetroNet Will Soon Begin Constructing 100% Fiber Optic Network in Batavia

MetroNet, a cutting-edge communications service provider, has officially announced it will begin construction of their multimillion-dollar 100% fiber optic network in Batavia, IL in early November. 
Soon, MetroNet construction teams will be working throughout the city placing fiber underground and on utility poles. As segments of the network are completed, MetroNet will offer Internet speeds of up to one Gigabit per second and interactive fiber TV service with incredible picture quality, plus feature-rich and reliable fiber phone service: all at affordable rates.  MetroNet also plans to offer a full suite of business communications services ranging from a scalable-hosted PBX phone solution for small and medium businesses all the way up to customized network services tailored to the specific needs of larger customers 


Prior to starting construction work in a neighborhood, MetroNet will mail each resident a letter explaining its construction process and providing contact information to report any issues or concerns.   Informational yard signs will also be placed in each yard with company contact information.  Residents may also go to the company’s website to view construction areas and details about construction process and to submit questions.

Does MetroNet have the proper permits for the construction they are about to perform?

Yes. MetroNet has been issued permits by the City of Batavia to construct our fiber optic network in your area, including aerial and underground work in neighborhoods. 
Does MetroNet have permission to be on my property?
Yes.  As a communications service provider, we are granted the right to access the designated utility easement, which is typically a strip of land running along the street, the sidewalk, the rear lot line or between two lots. Easements are created for utility companies to construct and maintain overhead and underground lines for electric, cable television, telephone, water and sewer services.
Can I move the flags in my yard?  
No. Markers need to remain in place. MetroNet is required by law to locate underground utilities on your property before construction begins. Flags or spray paint in your yard, or along the street, indicate MetroNet’s construction teams will be following within a week to dig, place pipes underground and pull fiber through them. Once that phase is complete, your home will be ready for MetroNet services and we will remove the locate flags.
Should I notify MetroNet if I have a sprinkler system, dog fence, sump pump line or other underground facilities?
Yes.  You can mark your sprinkler system, dog fence, sump pump line or other underground facilities with white flags or spray paint. If you choose to mark these items with spray paint, look for a landscaping paint that won’t harm your grass.  You can also notify MetroNet by going to and clicking the “Ask Questions” tab.
Will MetroNet restore the area in which they performed construction?
Yes.  Our construction phase is temporary and we will do our best to minimize its impact.  When complete and weather permitting, MetroNet will rake, seed and straw your lawn in the areas where diAnchorgging occurred and/or remove and replace sod where practical. You can help speed your lawn’s healing process by watering the affected area for a few days following sod replacement.   

About MetroNet

MetroNet, a cutting-edge communications service provider, delivers the latest in fiber television technology, high-speed Internet, and local and long distance phone service over its 100% fiber optic network. Headquartered in Evansville, Ind. and serving more than 30 communities in Indiana and Illinois, MetroNet provides fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) technology to homes and businesses within its footprint giving its customers state-of-the art quality, speed and reliability. 


How Metronet does the bulk of its construction

The type of groundwork that MetroNet will be doing is primarily “directional boring”. Directional boring is less invasive than digging an open trench which disturbs the earth all along the path of construction.

Instead, directional boring is accomplished by creating a vertical path to pipe in which the fiber will be installed and then pulling the fiber through the pipe from underground.

This is done by open relatively small “handholes”, or excavations, in select locations where splices or change of directions occur. MetroNet also has a “restore as they build” approach to construction where they pull fiber the first four days of a week and then go back within 48 hours to do all of the restoration work in the area they just installed.

This is done to minimize the effect to the owners property on weekends and holidays. As well, MetroNet has provided a claim process that they have committed a response within 24 hours. To file a claim or to have any question about the project answered, please contact:

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