Christmas tree pickup

Christmas Tree Collection

As part of the City of Batavia’s refuse contract, Advanced Disposal will be picking up live Christmas trees on residents’ regular collection dates.  Residents do not have to use a sticker for Christmas tree removal on these dates only.  After these dates, residents should attach a refuse sticker to the tree and place it at the curb on their regular collection date.  All materials such as plastic bags, ornaments, lights, nails, etc. should be removed from the trees.  Live wreaths and garland should be placed in your regular refuse.  Please use the following schedule:

South Side (Wilson to the south between Kirk/Randall):
Thurs., Jan. 4
Wed., Jan. 10
North Side (north of Wilson to Fabyan between Kirk/Randall):  
Fri., Jan. 5
Thurs., Jan. 11
Far West Side (Randall west to City limits):
Sat., Jan. 6
Fri., Jan. 12

Used Christmas Wrapping paper

Holiday Refuse Pickup Schedule

2017-18 Advanced Disposal Collection Schedule for Winter Holidays
Due to the holidays, collection will take place one day later the weeks of December 25, 2017, and January 1, 2018. 

New Years Week

South:  Thurs., Jan. 4
North:  Fri., Jan. 5
Far West:  Sat., Jan. 6 

De-Icing streets image

Batavia De-Icing Streets a better way

The use of liquid Anti-Icing is just another tool in our Winter Operations. Anti-Icing and Deicing are both practices that address the problem of snow and ice buildup on pavement. An important note: all solid deicers (salt) must turn into a brine solution in order to melt snow/ice. There are no chemical differences between a solid deicer (salt) and the same deicer in liquid form (salt brine). The difference is in time of application, the application process, and the results.

Anti-Icing 101 Video (Alaska):

Key points of Anti-Icing:

  1. Anti-Icing and Pre-Wet applications focuses on the City’s environmental benefits, sustainability and cost reductions of our overall winter operations.
  2. Anti-Icing and Pre-Wet applications will “buy us time” at the onset of emergency call-ins (frontend of the storm), which is crucial during snow events that begin during peak commute times.
  3. Anti-Icing and Pre-Wet applications will improve the “clean up efforts” (backend of the storm) by reducing the amount of salt up to 4x the amount needed to break the snow/ice bond to the pavement.
  4. Using both a pre-wet & Anti-Icing solution, we expect to see a 30% cost savings compared to using dry granular salt only applications. This is based on findings from the Salt Institute.
  5. Anti-Icing/Treated Salt (pre-wet) applications will reduce the amount of salt scatter as well as lower the temperature of salt effectiveness, therefore, less salt is needed, which will bring a reduction in corrosiveness to infrastructure and vehicles.


Anti-icing is intended to disrupt the bond that forms between ice particles and the pavement surface; this allows more response time to snow events and reduces the amount of salt otherwise required after the event to break the ic-road bond. Applying anti-icing liquids is sort of like spraying cooking oil to your frying pan, preventing your egg from sticking to the frying pan. In that same principal, preventing snow/ice from bonding to the pavement. Pre-wetting is the process of spraying granular salt with liquid ice melting chemicals before spreading the salt on the roadway. Pre-wetting the salt helps it cling to the road instead of bouncing off or being swept off by traffic. To be effective as a deicing agent, salt requires moisture. Pre-wetting provides the necessary moisture to dissolve the salt, releasing heat, and thereby melting the ice and snow, as well as breaking the ice-road bond.
Every winter storm is unique. The variables of precipitation type (sleet, wet snow or fluffy flakes), temperature (air and surface; dropping or rising), time of day (day, night, weekend and/or rush hour), wind speed and direction, event duration and post-storm weather prediction, all affect the manner and the type of tools needed for effective snow fighting.

Saturday evening post to present
Saturday evening post cover

The ice is here and let's celebrate sixty years since Batavia was featured on the cover of the Saturday evening post!

Join us on January 6th as we celebrate a special time in Batavia history with music, skating, hot cider and more!

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Batavia Mainstreet Unwraps its 2018 Calendar of Events

The 2018 Batavia Mainstreet Calendar is here. Plan your year! We'll see you there!

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