This email is to make residents aware of a few schedule changes that have occurred due to the snowstorm this week, along with other weather-related information:

1) Residential Refuse Collection will be delayed by one day all week.
2) The final Citywide Brush Collection has been rescheduled and will now begin the week of Monday, December 3.
3) The Leaf Collection Program has been suspended at this time. Further updates will be posted at as to whether or not we will be able to resume leaf collection, but this will depend upon the weather.

For any questions about these services, please contact the Street Division at 630-454-2400.

The Batavia Fire Department is asking cooperation from Batavia residents to clear the way to fire hydrants adjacent to their house. Access to hydrants is critical for the Fire Department to do its work in emergency situations where water is needed to put out fires. The volume of snow and the necessary response time in moving it off streets in some cases buries hydrants under snow and ice. Our Public Works department is aware of hydrant locations but the volume and timing of snow removal sometimes makes it impossible to prevent snow from covering fire hydrants. This is especially true on some curved streets or those with tight spaces to work around. Please assist where you can if there is a hydrant near or adjacent to your property. It is best to have a 3 X 3 foot area cleared around fire hydrants.

For more information, call the Batavia Fire Department at Phone: 630-454-2100.

If you have any questions, please call the Street Division at 630-454-2400. We appreciate your patience.

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