Kirk Road Multi-Use Path Reconstruction Project

Starting the week of Monday, April 1, 2019, construction activities will begin on the multi-use path along the west side of Kirk Road from Pine Street to approximately 750 ft. north of Mesa Lane in Batavia. During the work, there may be temporary single-lane closures of southbound Kirk Road with flaggers directing traffic. Construction work hours will be from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday. This work is anticipated to take approximately two months to complete, weather permitting. The work will include setting up erosion and traffic controls, tree trimming, earth work, asphalt removal, placement of stone and asphalt, and restoration of the parkway. Kirk Road will remain open during construction, but may be reduced to one lane of travel for the southbound lanes using temporary daily lane closures. Motorists need to be prepared to reduce their speed, exercise caution, and be extra alert. Questions and concerns may be directed to Patrick Ver Halen 630-208-3138. 

Deerpath & Main Intersection Project Starting Soon

Roadway widening and intersection improvements on Main Street at Deerpath Road is scheduled to commence on Monday, April 15, 2019, weather and utility relocation permitting. This is a joint project between the City of Batavia and Kane County. The work consists generally of widening both Main Street and Deerpath Road and installing a traffic signal. The scope of work will have both directions of Main Street and Deerpath Road accessible to traffic with the use of staged construction.
In accordance with the city’s code, construction working hours is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday. Weather and unforeseen circumstances permitting, we anticipate this project to be completed in early September 2019. If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to contact Chris Bong with the City of Batavia Engineering Division at 630-454-2752. 

Brush Collection Begins In May 

Curbside residential brush collection resumes in May for residents that pay the monthly leaf/brush fee on their utility bill. The first east side collection begins the week of Monday, May 13; the west side collection begins Monday, May 20.  Brush and limbs are to be at the curb for collection no later than 7 a.m. on Monday of your scheduled week, and no sooner than the weekend before that.  Please visit the Brush Collection page to learn more about the program and view the entire 2019 schedule.  If you have any questions, please contact the Street Division at 630-454-2400.  

Kane County Stormwater Management Ordinance Update

The Kane County Stormwater Management Ordinance update was recently in a 30-day review of the 90% draft that ended on March 31, 2019.  With the new requirements in the ordinance, property owners and developers will have the opportunity to request an exemption from the changes to the Stormwater Ordinance (developments must still meet the 2002 Effective Date Ordinance).  Exemption forms will be available at the County and within the municipalities that have adopted the Kane County Stormwater Management Ordinance.  If your property or development falls within a certified community, the form will need to be filed with that community.  The City of Batavia is a certified community, meaning the City reviews and approves stormwater permits independently from the County.  If you are in unincorporated Kane County, the form should be filed with Kane County Water Resources Department.  A list of certified communities is available on the County’s website.  Exemptions must be approved by the certified community at least 15 business days prior to the revision date, which is anticipated to be June 1, 2019.  The City of Batavia anticipates approving the list at the May 6 City Council meeting and presenting the list of properties at the April 23, 2019 Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting.  All submittals will need to be received by April 16 at the latest to be reviewed prior to the COW meeting.  We want to draw specific attention to small projects with between 5,000 square feet to 25,000 square feet of new surface such as gravel, roof, or pavement.  Under the proposed revisions, these projects will now require a "best management practice" such as a rain garden or infiltration trench.  If your project falls within these parameters, we recommend contacting your community to discuss if the project would be eligible for an exemption.

The draft ordinance can be viewed and downloaded on the Kane County Stormwater Ordinance website:

Exemption Form

Yard Waste Collection 

Yard waste collection has resumed for the season. A disposal sticker is required on every bag and labeled yard waste container from April 1 through November 30.   To learn more about yard waste, click hereIf you have any questions, please contact the Street Division at 630-454-2400.  

Food Scraps

Batavia Now Offers a Food Scrap Collection

Why Should We Participate? 
  • 95% of our Food Waste is landfilled.
  • 21% of what goes into landfills is wasted food and is the single highest component of waste.
  • 64% of that waste is considered preventable.
  • Landfills are the third highest source of man-made methane released in the atmosphere in the U.S.
  • Even as methane is collected from open landfills, much of it is still released into the atmosphere.
  • Methane is 28-36 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas as Carbon Dioxide.
  • Food properly composted is not a source of methane.
  • In 2015 the EPA and USDA announced the first ever domestic goal to reduce food loss and waste by 50% by the year 2030.
How Can We Participate?
  • All you have to do is mix your food scraps in with your yard waste and put in your cart, yard waste can, or your brown Kraft bag.
Acceptable food scrap items:
  • Fruits and vegetables including unpainted holiday pumpkins
  • Breads, grains, pasta and cereal
  • Dairy and eggs including egg shells, but no liquids
  • Coffee grounds, filters and teabags.  
Unacceptable food scrap items:
  • No meat, poultry or seafood
  • No bones or shells
  • No fats, grease or oil
  • No liquids
  • No pet waste
  • No paper plates or any other service ware (even if marked compostable)
  • No packaging, no plastics, Styrofoam, glass, metal, or diapers

Household Hazard Waste Front Door Collection Service

The City of Batavia now offers a new Household Hazardous Waste collection service to its residents.  The City’s third-party provider, U.S. Ecology, will provide front door collection of many items that should not be placed in the regular weekly refuse collection.  For contact information and to learn about the items that will be accepted, please visit the City’s website

Spring Hydrant Flushing 

The City of Batavia will be flushing fire hydrants during the months of March and April. Signs will be posted in neighborhoods during the flushing week as a reminder. 
Hydrant Flushing WEST of the Fox River will take place during the weeks of March 25  and April 1, 2019, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Hydrant Flushing EAST of the Fox River will take place during the weeks of April 8 and April 15, 2019, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Citizens are reminded to check their water prior to washing any clothes since rusty water is possible. We regret any inconvenience to our customers while this work is in progress. Please call the Batavia Water Division at 630-454-2450 if you have any questions or to report any problems.        

9th Annual Rain Barrel Sale
Kane County Recycling Events for 2019

Reminder Not to Idle at Schools While You Wait 

The Batavia Environmental Commission and the Batavia Public Schools are encouraging people to turn off their cars while they wait outside of schools. Reminder signs will be placed in pickup zones at all of our public schools to remind parents and others not to idle cars while we wait for our children.

Help Us Clear The Air At School
Rebate Available for Electric Vehicle Home Charging Stations
811 Call before you dig.  April is Safe Digging Month.

April Is Safe Digging Month 

April marks National Safe Digging Month, reminding homeowners and professional excavators in Illinois to call JULIE, Inc. (JULIE) at 8-1-1 before every digging project this spring, regardless of the size or depth. This is a free call and service.

4 Steps to Safety
There are four important steps to every safe excavation project:
1. Call JULIE at 811 before you dig;
2. Wait the required amount of time (two business days);
3. Respect the marks; and
4. Dig with care.
When homeowners call 8-1-1, they will speak with a helpful JULIE call center agent who will take the location and description of the project site and notify affected member facility owners and operators. These members will then send a professional locator to mark the approximate location of their underground utility lines with small flags or paint at no cost. (JULIE personnel do not perform locating or marking services).
There is no reason to take a chance when it comes to safety. JULIE’s call center agents are available to receive and process requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 8-1-1.  For an explanation of the color-code markings and information about the one-call process, visit 


2019 Batavia Citywide Garage Sale in May

The 2019 Batavia Citywide Garage Sale will be held on Friday and Saturday, May 3-4, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
This Citywide Garage Sale is the biggest fundraising event hosted by the volunteer members of the Batavia Fireworks Committee. The Batavia Fireworks Committee has set a goal to raise $40,000 for the fireworks display at The Batavia Fourth of July Sky Concert. The annual fireworks budget is made possible by contributions provided by sponsors, through various fundraising events organized by the Batavia Fireworks Committee year-round, private donations from residents throughout the year, and registration fees from the 2019 Batavia Citywide Garage Sale.
Look for more information soon!

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