When will new carts be delivered?

Carts will be delivered in late June.

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1. How should I pay for my final Waste Management bill? Will I get a refund for overpayments?
2. I have extra garbage stickers from Waste Management. Can I still use those?
3. What happens to my old carts?
4. How do I dispose of yard waste?
5. Will my collection day change?
6. May I choose a different waste collection service for my home?
7. Who collects my waste collection bill?
8. What are the costs to single-family residents for waste hauling and recycling?
9. Do I have to rent a refuse cart?
10. I already have a toter. Will I need to get a new one?
11. Will I get a new recycling cart as well?
12. When will new carts be delivered?
13. Is there a cost to change my cart size?
14. May I suspend payment for waste collection services if I’m out of town for an extended period?
15. How can I dispose of extra waste and/or large items that don’t fit in my toter?
16. When will the new changes take effect and how long is the contract?
17. What do I need to do to receive the standard refuse cart?
18. Is there a senior rate?
19. What if I want a smaller or larger refuse cart -- 95 or 35 gallon?
20. How did the City of Batavia arrive at a new contract with Groot Industries?