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Drainage Inspection Request

  1. Please complete this form in order to have the City inspect your drainage issue. A City of Batavia representative will contact you within 7 days of submitting this form. If you are experiencing a sewer back up or some type of uncontrollable flooding of water in your basement please call Public Works at 630-454-2300.
  2. To provide our engineers and inspectors with additional information about your drainage problem, please answer the following questions.
  3. Do you have a basement?
  4. If yes, is it a lookout/English/walkout?
  5. Do you have a sump pump?
  6. Does water pool in your yard following a rain event?
  7. Do roof downspouts discharge to your yard?
  8. Do you have a sprinkler system?
  9. Do your neighbors have a sprinkler system?
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