Tips To Improve Air Quality

Use these tips to save hundreds of dollars each year!

Improving air quality makes dollars and sense. The Clean Air Counts Campaign encourages no cost and low cost, bottom line driven strategies to help our members save money while improving the environment. Please share the advice below to help your colleagues, friends and family.

Drive Less

  • Bike or Walk
  • Group your errands to save gas
  • Take transit and purchase transit pretax
  • Use a car sharing program (Avoiding purchasing a car can save $6000 a year)
  • Carpool to cut work commute cost in half

Drive Gently

  • Avoid aggressive driving with abrupt stops and starts to save 31-37% of fuel
  • Keep your tires fully inflated and your engine in good condition. When mileage worsens, take your car to the shop
  • Lowering speeds saves gas and can result in 12-14% fuel savings
  • Use cruise control for a 7-14% fuel saving

Avoid Excessive Idling

  • Save ½ -1 gallon for each 30 minutes of idling reduced
  • Annual Potential Savings: $4 a week X 52 weeks = $208
  • Pollution reduction per household assuming 5 minutes of idling each day Monday through Friday: 30 pounds of VOC and Particulate Matter and 300 pounds of Carbon Dioxide

Save Energy With CFL Light-bulbs

  • Use about 75 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and lasts up to 10 times longer
  • Produce 75 percent less heat
  • Saves about $30 or more in electricity costs over each bulb's lifetime

Use "ENERGY STAR" Products: If Every American Household...

  • Added insulation to their attic, we would prevent 24 billion pounds of Green House Gasses (GHG) and save $1.8 Billion.
  • Had desktops/laptops sleep, we would prevent 16 billion pounds of GHG and save $1.1 billion.
  • If every appliance purchased in the US were ENERGY STAR qualified, we would prevent 4.5 billion pounds of GHG and save $663 million.

For more information about ENERGY STAR products, please visit the Energy Star website.

Don't Let Cleaning Your House Clean Your Wallet

  • Simplify by using 1 general purpose cleaner
  • Make your own cleaning products using these cleaning product recipes (PDF)