Tree Commission

The Tree Commission shall advise and consult the City Services Committee on any matter pertaining to Ordinance 13-22 and its enforcement. Members serve 4-year terms and are appointed by the Mayor. There are 2 members are employed by the City: the Director of Public Works and the Street Superintendent. The other 5 members are appointed by the Mayor. These members must reside in Batavia, must not be employed by the city, and will serve as volunteers without pay.


  • Scott Haines, Street Superintendent (Chairman)
  • Anna Bakker
  • Dr. Bob Burtch
  • Gary Holm, Director of Public Works
  • Robert Lootens
  • Kevin Summers
  • Kathy Vranek
  • Frank Saupp, City Arborist (non-voting)
  • Kathy Montanari, Recording Secretary (non-voting)