Police Department

9-1-1 is for Help
When you need the police, fire department or an ambulance, call 9-1-1. A call to 911 will connect you directly with the Tri-Com Central Dispatch Center and help will be on the way. Batavia is a proud charter member of the Tri-Com system, which serves Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, Elburn and Sugar Grove. Tri-Com was first placed into service in 1976 and continues to keep pace with technological advancements in communications. Make sure your children know the importance of 911.  


The Batavia Police Department has 40 sworn police officers, 1 auxiliary officer, 11 civilian employees and provides law enforcement services and police protection through:
  • Community Relations Programs
  • Crime Prevention
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Juvenile Services
  • Patrol
  • Records Management
  • School Resource Officers
  • Traffic Accident Investigations
  • Traffic Enforcement
The department is housed in the historic Batavia Government Center building located on the west bank of the beautiful Fox River. We are proud of our community and do our best to make this a safe town to live and raise a family.

Motor Vehicle Accident Reports Online

You may purchase and download a copy of an Illinois Accident Report taken by the Batavia Police Department for accidents that occurred on or after January 1, 2009. Visit the following website if you are an individual involved in an accident or are with an insurance company. You will need the date of the accident, operator's last name, crash report number and the agency name to obtain the report. 

Electronic Communication Devices

As of January 1, 2014 a new law in Illinois bans the use of all hand-held devices while driving in Illinois. Only hands-free technology such as speakerphones, Bluetooth, and headsets are permitted. In addition, all cell phone use is prohibited while driving in a school zone, all cell phone use is prohibited while driving in a highway construction zone, and all cell phone use is prohibited if you are a novice driver. All Illinois drivers are prohibited from texting.

No Texting

In addition to the ban on hand held devices, Illinois prohibits texting while driving. Illinois’ anti-texting law (625 ILCS 5/12-610.2) states that a person may not operate a motor vehicle on a roadway while using an electronic communication device to compose, send, or read an electronic message. An electronic communication device refers to a wireless telephone, personal digital assistant, or a portable or mobile computer that’s used for the purpose of composing, reading, or sending an electronic message. It doesn’t include a GPS or navigation system or a device that is physically or electronically integrated into the motor vehicle. An electronic message refers to electronic mail, a text message, an instant message, or a command or request to access an Internet site.


The exceptions for drivers texting are:
  • For the sole purpose of reporting an emergency situation and continued communication with emergency personnel during the emergency situation
  • If the driver is parked on the shoulder of a roadway
  • Using a device in hands-free or voice-activated mode
  • When the vehicle is stopped due to normal traffic being obstructed and the driver has the motor vehicle transmission in neutral or park