Fire Department

  Due to new COVID-19 Restrictions, the fire department will temporarily
  be suspending the following services:

The Batavia Fire Department provides fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the citizens of Batavia and the surrounding Batavia Township and Countryside Fire Protection District.


The mission of the Batavia Fire Department is to provide caring, professional emergency and fire prevention services to the community.

About the Department

The department consists of 24 full-time members, 12 full-time paramedics, and 36 part-time members. The department is called a combination department since it consists of full time and part time personnel. Our normal on-duty personnel consists of 5 on-duty personnel at the West Station and 8 on duty personnel at the East Station. We have an advanced life support ambulance in each fire station.


Our department is a full-service department and provides the following services:

  • Blood pressure screening at either station at any time (free)
  • Child safety seat inspections (free)
  • CPR classes
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire hydrant testing
  • Fire inspections
  • House address number enforcement
  • Open burning enforcement
  • Premise Alert Program for special needs residents
  • Public fire education
  • Smoke detector enforcement
  • Station tours

We have a tremendous state of the art fleet of apparatus and vehicles. Our personnel continue to participate in training exercises, drills, and evolution on a daily basis and attend educational classes, seminars and conferences to keep abreast of the many changes in the field of fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical techniques.


The East Station is also our headquarters where the administrative offices are located. Our business telephone number is 630-454-2100. The emergency number is 911 which is answered by Tri-Com, a consolidated fire, ambulance, and police dispatch center located in St. Charles for the cities of Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and Elburn.

Calls Answered

The Fire Department responded to 3,760 calls for service in 2020. There were 1,432 fire/rescue/service calls and 2,328 emergency medical calls.  The department responded to 309 requests for assistance to neighboring communities and requested assistance into Batavia 146 times. Firefighter/Paramedics arrived on the scene of an incident in six minutes or less 92.5% of the time while maintaining an average response time of 4 minutes 33 seconds. The national standard for the response time to the scene of an incident is recommended to be six minutes or less.