Utility Billing Online Payments

Online Payment with Payment Service Network - How It Works

The City is working in partnership with Payment Service Network (PSN) to give you a variety of ways to pay your city bills online or by telephone. PSN allows you to make payments immediately or schedule payments using credit cards or your checking account.

To use PSN's Web site, you'll need to create an account for that site with a login and password. This account is specific to PSN, and is not the same account you use on the City's Web site or for viewing your utility bill. Once you are registered with PSN, making payments is quick and easy.

You may also call PSN at 1-877-885-7968 to make a payment. If you have registered with PSN, then you can use an automated phone process to access your account and make payments.

Making Utility Bill Payments

You may make a payment of up to $300 on a utility bill using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards. Please note that if your bill is greater than $300, you'll need to arrange for more than one payment. You may pay an amount up to $5,000 using an eCheck (using your checking or savings account).

A processing fee of $3.99 will be added to your payment for using PSN.

Make a utility payment using PSN.

Other Options

We also offer a free program which allows you to pay your bill every month through direct debit from your checking or savings account. See the Billing page for more information about our payment options. View the Instructions for online billing (PDF) to view your utility bill online.