Nagel Detention Basin Conversion

Current Status (May 2019)
Ongoing maintenance to occur over the 2019 growing season to establish native plants.

Status ( April 2018)
Ongoing maintenance to occur over the 2018 growing season to establish native plants.

Status (October 2017)
During the Spring / Summer of 2017 AES converted the detention basin by planting native seeds. This season they monitored the basin, repaired erosion and overseeded. Maintenance will continue the next 2 growing seasons until everything becomes established. Future years maintenance will include herbicide applications and prescribed burns.

Status (May 11, 2016)
The City hired a tree contractor to remove all the trees over the winter and spring. Those trees are the ones located inside the side slopes and at the bottom removed. This work started last week on the east end and will continue towards and finish the west end as weather permits.

Status (November 30, 2015) 

​​​The City's portion of the basin had a controlled burn performed on Sunday, November 8, 2015. A majority of the plant growth was burned while some remained. The remaining growth will be cut down in the spring. Over the winter the basin will have all trees located inside the side slopes and at the bottom removed (schedule pending).

Project Purpose

The long term plan is to get this basin back to its natural state and remove the cattails and invasive plants. Some of these plants clog and choke the drains/outlets and block flow. Once those plants and cattails are removed the basin will be evaluated to make sure the basin bottom still has positive flow towards the outfalls. The City and the owners association plan to plant the basin with native plants to help reduce the quantity and of invasive species to the basin while giving it an aesthetically pleasing look.

The City of Batavia will solicit to work with environmental scientists that specialize in native plants to work with the City of Batavia to convert the existing dry detention basin to a naturalized basin. The conversion of the basin will include native plants. Some native plants that can be anticipated are sedge, bluegrass, iris, coneflower, milkweed, aster, goldenrod, and black-eyed Susan, to name a few. To see a local naturalized basin in town that was recently reconstructed go to the Windmill Lakes Detention Basin behind Tower Car Wash and Holy Cross Church west of Randall Road on the south side of Main Street.

Project Background

The City of Batavia started evaluating City owned and maintained detention basins Citywide in 2014. While looking at the Nagel Basin at that time the City noticed the overgrowth of non-native invasive species. This basin is owned by two property owners. The City owns and maintains approximately 3.25 acres out of the 12-acre detention basin. The City maintains the east-west portion of the basin directly behind the 1198-1206 Nagel Building. The basin that runs north-south behind 1001 to 1281 North Raddant Road is maintained by a separate owners association, Batavia Land Company. Overtime cattails have overtaken the area in addition to "junk" trees that have taken root in the basin and have compromised the volume the basin can store. 

Construction Impacts

The basin is set back from residential and industrial neighbors. Construction access is located at the end of South Forest at the dead end. Once construction commences there should be no traffic impact to the surrounding neighbors.

Project Funding

 This project was partially funded by Electronic Recycling money for the conversion to native plants. The remainder of the project was fully funded through the Drainage Program via the General Fund. Nagel Basin Conversion Plans (will be made available once the project is designed in spring/summer of 2016).

Contact Info

For concerns or questions please email Andrea Podraza or call 630-454-2757