​ City Looks for Comments on Bridge Sculpture Concepts

The City has received proposals for the next William J Donovan Bridge sculpture to represent the theme of "Science". This will take its place along with the earlier pieces representing "Nature" and "History". In some cases, the submittal is an existing piece. Others represent a piece very close to what would be fabricated, while a few are conceptual in nature. While these concepts give an indication of materials, size and general shape (or shapes) they can also include some design details as described in the proposal. In this case, the City is asked to trust in the reputation and skills of the sculptor to interpret the theme.

The City Council would like your input on these pieces (PDF) before it makes its decision. It will also be receiving the opinions of a professional sculptor who works with public art, as well as City staff in terms of durability, susceptibility to vandalism or accident and other considerations important for these long-lasting pieces to grace the bridge.

The first two pieces have been overwhelmingly embraced by the community, especially our school children, and we would like your input not only for now but for the 80 to 100 years, the pieces are planned to last. Please review the proposed pieces (PDF) and email comments to our staff to indicate your preferences. Comments are due no later than the end of Monday, June 6th.