Grant Programs

TIF Facade Grant Program

The Facade Improvement Program (PDF) - The City of Batavia offers a grant for facade improvement on existing buildings in the Downtown Historic District. Eligible projects, once approved by the Community Development Office, may receive reimbursement up to 50% of the cost.

TIF Downtown Improvement Grant Program

The Downtown Improvement Grant Program (PDF) - The Downtown Improvement Grant is a new program that is designed to encourage reinvestment in the downtown and encourage new entertainment, restaurant, retail and residential uses within the downtown area. This is an on-going matching grant program, reimbursing up to 50% of actual improvement costs up to $25,000. The program is funded by the city's Tax Increment Finance Districts. The program is overseen by the Building Division of Community Development.

TIF Downtown Signage Assistance Program

The Downtown Signage Assistance Program (PDF) - This program, newly established for 2014 provides a grant of up to 50% up to $1,000 for sign design, fabrication and installation costs for new signs in the Downtown Historic District and a Tax Increment Finance District. The program is managed by the Community Development Department.

Gateway Improvement Program

The Gateway Improvement Program (PDF) - On April 15, 2019 the Batavia City Council formally established the Batavia Gateway Improvement Program, or GIP. Through the GIP, the City is authorized to award matching grants for the purpose of providing certain property owners a financial incentive to make physical improvements to their buildings and surrounding property. Owning property within such gateway or buffer area, you may apply for a matching grant from the City to undertake one or more of the following activities:

1. The manufacture and installation of a new commercial sign (building mounted or freestanding) (up to $1,000).
2. The design, purchase and installation of landscape and/or hardscape materials on the property (up to $10,000).
3. The construction of street-facing, building exterior improvements (up to $20,000); or 
4. A combined landscape/hardscape and building exterior improvement (up to $20,000).