Government Center Cabling Project

Hazardous Material Reports

The following reports includes information regarding hazardous material in the City Government Center with recommendations and conclusions.  Any vendor working in the City Hall will need to be aware of this situation and plan accordingly to perform work in the Government Center.   For the cabling project, vendors will need to review and acknowledge the following reports by signing the proposal page in the Request for Proposal.

2021-23-06 Carnow Conibear 100 N. Island Ave. Batavia Asbestos and Lead Report

City Hall Carnow Conibear Report Summary

General Terms (MSA)

The following document are the general terms for the City of Batavia Government cabling project.  Vendors will need to sign this Master Service Agreement (MSA), have it approval by the City Council and signed by the Mayor's prior to any work performed.  The vendors proposal will be included as an appendix to the agreement in order to document the proposed installation terms by the vendor.

General Terms for Government Center Cabling Project